quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2015

The John Green's characters are always nerds?

John Green in his books usually put as young protagonists who suffer some form of rejection or bullying: or are sick, as in Blame It Stars, or "nerds" as Miles and the "Colonel" in Alaska and, in a way , Q, Radar and Ben in Paper Towns. These are young people with emotional problems, which relate poorly with the girls - "virgins" -
are very thin - like Miles of Alaska and Quentin Paper Tows - who are ugly and unattractive to the opposite sex.
But, as a rule, they are very intelligent and do not present any antisocial behavior, even though his friends are always the class of "rejected", "nerds" or "geeks" as is particularly the case of Radar.
Even worse is the case of Hazel Lancaster, played brilliantly by Shailene Woodley in Guilt is Star, a character who suffers from one of the worst social stigmas: cancer.
However, I believe that one of Green's success is bases on the fact that he writes about real people, who suffer, who lives a life of misery and contradictions, and debunks the myth of "popular". In the special edition of 10 years Looking for Alaska Green makes a beautiful statement, saying that not all dilemmas of life can be solved and that part of our life is to live with the lack of answers.
The characters of John Green are not superheroes high school, the most beautiful and popular kids in school, that "catch" all the girls; and indeed, even these also have inside themselves the misery inherent to each of us. The imperfection of Green's characters sometimes shows they can do the lemon one sharpened, of true friendship, the love of family and not to be beautiful and healed, not be the best player in college football team, or most popular, envied by all, not worth having a brain of a walnut.
Margo Spigelman, platonic love of Q, is just that: one of the girls more "cats" (as Ben) school, a kind of popular superhero, who is dating one of the prettiest in the class guys. However, Margo has an "empty" colossal interior, trying to fill in "adventures" and a strangely weird personality. Feels unloved by anyone - starting with their parents - and sure falsehood of all your friends and friends, one who always makes a point to imply that she's fat.
Worst of all is that at the beginning of the plot she discovers her  boyfriend - it seems that she does not love - hidden sex with her best "friend."
Always I suspected these outstanding people in schools. Always seemed to make only one type to impress and hide deep unhappiness.
Revenge of Margo has something pathetic; instead of breaking the dating pure and simply it architect a super revenge, not only to ex-boyfriend but everyone involved. Something completely useless. This means that it still has the illusion of wanting to keep intact the "myth" Margo Spiegelman. And it is precisely this "myth" that fascinates Q, but not for long time...